Kind Regards to all New CDL Training Students,


I’m messaging you from Badger CDL and the Milwaukee CDL Institute.


We will be your CDL Training School that you will be attending in the near future!


I want to give you some key study items to start studying on your free time in order to have a better outlook at your classes.


The most important part is passing your CDL permit exam!  Here’s what I’d like you to know and watch.... (this is beneficial even if you already have your permit)




Studying the CDL Prep App which you can download on your phone and or tablet for FREE and the Wisconsin DOT manual to study and practice these three sections:


-General knowledge 

-Air Brakes

-Combination Vehicles 



***Also, watch the 2 video links I sent you to know how to do a pre trip and double clutch in a Class A vehicle for students that are doing Manual Transmission Training.



Instructions to your classroom sessions:


You will attend to:

7221 S. Tenth Street

Oak Creek Wisconsin 53154


[Entrance is on South End of complex]



Dates and times for week 1:

The entire week of October 3rd, 2022, Monday, to

Friday, October 7th, 2022, from 8:00am-3:00pm daily.



Your classes will be held at the Badger CDL headquarters complex.


Day one is October 3rd Monday from 8:00am-3:00pm for 1st day tutorial, safety, classroom and sign up.  


Be here at 7:30am on the 1st day… 


Week 1 is all classroom.... week 2,3 and 4 is all hands on in the truck.

"Note:  Week 2,3 and 4 you can choose AM or PM classes

once you start your hands on training"





Here are multiple apps you can download for free on your iPhone or Android to do the DMV written practice exams.  This lets you know what is on that written exam in order to get your CDL permit:

(Just click on the links below to get forwarded to the particular items, if clicking doesn't work, copy and paste.)


CDL Prep for Android - APK Download (




Here are the 2-videos we will like you to watch for your Pre-Trip Inspection and 10 Speed Shifting (for manual students only on the 10-speed video):

(Just click on the links below to get forwarded to the particular items, if clicking doesn't work, copy and paste.)





Please read all items above, study for your permit and watch the videos.  Who already has their permit is one step ahead.



Read and confirm you will attend!  And visit our school website at:


Read above and confirm you will attend



Note:  please get a copy of your birth certificate

by 9/7/2022 in order to get your permit.... the

DMV will ask for it or your US passport or your green card... 

*Items needed are a Valid Driver's License and Birth Certificate to attend the class... or a US Passport or Valid Green Card can be in place of the birth certificate sometimes



Read all above carefully!! 


Take care



Badger CDL Testing

Milwaukee CDL Institute


Direct: 1 (262) 902-6860

Office:  1 (414) 215-7096

“Open 7 days, 365!”