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Are you on a waiting list and want to start your training as soon as possible?  Is your employer funding your truck driving school and you are now waiting for the funding to go through?  Are you going through a funding organization or municipality and your authorization to our school hasn't been processed yet?  If you fit into any one of these categories above, please talk to our compliance officer and ask about pending student tutorials.  If there is a student that has no CDL permit they can attend any open classroom session that has room, any of the truck driving tutorial segments about truck driver training and the work world of CDL jobs.  If you have nothing but time and room available, come join our students to be ahead of your actual class when you start your training.  Applicants that already have a permit can sign up and join our hands-on and pre-trip training tutorials.  Space is open throughout the year for students that are signed up and approved by their funding group.  Gain knowledge prior to training, join now!  Restrictions apply...

*Restrictions apply.  No actual CDL can be issued during these sessions unless the applicant makes payment for their CDL training program, or the funding is processed and they finish their course.

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